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Riverside Chiropractic

Treating bone, muscle and joint pain with manipulation, manual therapy and physical exercise,

with an emphasis on running injuries 



Providing the highest quality evidenced based patient specfic care since 1999

Treatment Philosophy

Our philosophy is to restore proper functioning of the body to allow our patients to achieve their full potential.

We employ this philosophy by working with you to find solutions to your health care issues that are the most effective and efficacious. We promote self-reliance and seek solutions that require the least amount of in office treatment. Ideally we strive to empower you with tools that allow you to treat and manage your own condition if possible. We look to pursue at home care over in office care, active over passive care and teaching you skills rather than doing them for you.

Riverside Chiropractic & Physical Rehabilitation, is a chiropractic/manual medicine and physical rehab clinic providing the most current, most established evidence based, patient centered care musculoskeletal care.  We provide manipulation, manual therapy and exercise therapy with a patient specific focus, focusing on functional exercise and in the rehabilitation of headaches, spinal/hip/shoulder pain and spine and lower extremity running related issues.  Treatment incorporates the most current established physical medicine guidelines with the goal of care being the restoration of my patient’s specific limitations all applied with significant input from the patient as to their preferences.

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Areas of Practice

Treatment of spine and extremity complaints

We are a non-surgical spine care specialist providing point of entry and specialist care for neuromusculo- skeletal injuries.  We can diagnosis and treat and manage all spine related problems like back pain, neck pain, disc problems and headaches.  

What we do is "primary care for the spine", that is, the first contact physician for someone with a spine related disorder, capable of managing the majority of spine conditions and knowing when to refer to a specialist for injection or surgery.

Running Related Treatment


From prehab to rehab to performance enhancement, we offer the best in coaching and treatment of injuries from the spine to the toes that occur as a consequence of our passion for running.  As runners ourselves, we promote activity over rest and all of our treatment prescriptions are based on maximizing your own unique running style.

Healthcare quality Assurance/QUALITY improvement consulting


For utilization review companies, govenmental agencies, insurance companies and lawyers, Dr. Bodoff is an expert in QI/QA with thirteen years experience offering expert opinion, research review and appraisal and predictive modeling/pattern recognition.


It is health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold or silver.
— Mahatma Gandi


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