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Tips/techniques on running based on the most current and best available research.  Dr. Bodoff uses his experience in critically reviewing medical research coupled with his clinical skills and ability to describe detailed medical information to non-health care specialists.  Blog posts typically will contain the summary of a recent high quality research study about an aspect related to running, an opinion to the validity of the study’s conclusions and then advise on how to incorporate the findings into daily running if necessary.

The Benefits of Hills

I have long been a proponent of incline running on a treadmill as a key component of rehabbing knee injuries while limiting a loss of conditioning. Running on an incline provides very favorable joint kinematics during running gait, signficantly decreasing the amount of load on the hip and knee.

I have recently spent some time looking at articles related to implementing hill running into a general running routine, both as a seperate hill training day as well as adding a shourt course into regular runs. There is very good efficacy behind this to improve our speed and quite possible decrease our risk of injury.

I particularly favor adding a course of hill sprints or short hill reps into a regualr long run to work on efficiency and power.

The linked article, by Jason Fitzgerald of StrenghtRunning provides what I think is a nice overview of some of the ways to use hills in training as well as some solid advice for you to start playing with.



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